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Honey Categories

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All Products

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Raw Clover Honey

Packed using minimal heat and simply strain the honey in this raw, natural form.


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Squeeze Bottles

Same great honey in easy to use squeeze bottles.

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Creamy Clover Honey

Our creamy honey is the same raw honey with nothing added!

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Cinnamon Creamy Honey

Our cinnamon creamy honey is the same raw honey with only cinnamon added!

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Wild Flower Honey

Procuced by bees frequenting the most fregerant wild flowers. The bold aromatic flavor is great alone or in your favorite recipe.

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Beeswax Items

Beeswax for whatever your honey needs.


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Gift Items

Share you love of haney with your family and frinds. These gifts have been carefuly put together to bring a smile to any honey lovers face.